Friday, August 7, 2009

20th anniversary Drum Dance started by Grandfather, Joseph Rael

Dear Friends,
This year is an auspicious one for the dance arbor in beautiful Asheville, NC. They will be having their 20th anniversary Drum Dance started by Grandfather, Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow. This is the the same location where he led his last dance the year of his retirement in 1996. It is a beautiful location just east of Asheville, in Swannanoa NC and is being held on Labor Day weekend in September. It starts on Friday and ends on Sunday with a huge feast and sharing.
I have a brochure for the Dance along with Zoe Bryant's contact information if you are feeling drawn to the Dance. Altazar & I will be two of the drummers at the Dance. We have been connected with this Dance and the Land since 1995.
There is also an incredible Peace Chamber on the land (Beautiful Painted Arrow helped to dig the foundation of the Peace Chamber). This particular Chamber is the closest to Beautiful Painted Arrow's original vision. If you feel called to Dance there, you must pre-register with Zoe Bryant to make sure there is space. If you have any questions about the Dance, please contact Zoe Bryant. If you feel drawn to be there as a worker, you must contact Zoe and discuss this with her, and receive her permission to be there. As with all of the Dances, this is a closed ceremony, with no spectators or guests.