Monday, February 7, 2011

Feng Shue 2011

FEB. 4, 2011
 1.   Place a small (live) Bamboo plant (at least 4 stalks) in the NORTH/EASTERN
most portion of your:
home, office, living area.
 This treatment is to help improve:
 2.   You will need a metal ‘kalabash’ (Squash) made of brass with a small red ribbon
tied onto it.  If you cannot find a metal kalabash, using one made of other materials
will work, or finding a small brass object or figurine that has a rounded
shape (hour glass, figure 8 shape) and tie a red ribbon on it. Place this in the SOUTH  most portion of your home, office, living area, bedroom and any room where you spend
a lot of time. 
This treatment is to:

3.   Place RED objects (vases, candles etc) and a small vase of red flowers (silk is better
than dried flowers) and a pair of protective ‘Kilun’ (unicorns) preferably made
of brass, otherwise a ceramic or porcelain pair is fine.
Place this in the NORTHERN portion of your home, office, living area, bedroom and any room where you spend a lot of time. 
This treatment is to:
Help avoid arguments, disagreements, lawsuits and legal disputes. 
Protection from others that have ill will against you – Place the pair of Kilun (or a unicorn, dragon, or other protective animal) in the NORTH facing out TOWARDS the NORTH to guard you.  This has special importance in the home if there are problems coming towards your family from others, and importance in your work place/work area if there is jealousy or other issues related to your work or career.
4.   You will place a small (juice size), clear glass (real glass, not plastic) in this location and every day for THIRTY DAYS, you will completely refill the glass with fresh water (tap water is fine).
Then for THIRTY DAYS, you will leave the empty glass in place,
Then for THIRTY DAYS, you will again refill the glass each day with fresh water, and continue this cycle for the entire year.

Place this in the SOUTH/WEST most portion of your
home, office, (and home office if you have one).
(if you own your own business, place one in the SOUTH/WEST of your business location as well as in your own office if you have an office inside of your business location and your home office as well)
This treatment is to:

5.   To me, this is one of the most important treatments of the year, and if I could do only one treatment, this is the one I would do.  It is called the SALT CURE, and it is a treatment that you make.  Make a NEW ONE each year, DO NOT RE USE old treatments.

Here are the items you will need to make this treatment:

1.  a GLASS JAR (Mason jar, large Mayonnaise jar, the jar should
have a wide mouth/top)  
2.  Coarse Salt (coarse kosher salt is in most grocery stores)
3.  6 copper pennies
4.  1 piece of silver (sterling silver, or a real silver dime)
5.   A piece of 6”X6” (or larger) wax paper or Saran Wrap
6.   A rubber band
7.  Water

To make your SALT CURE, you will fill the jar half way full with the coarse salt, then you will finish filling the jar the rest of the way with water (always put the salt in first).
Then you will drop in the 6 copper pennies and 1 piece of silver.
(These should rest on top of the salt.)
Cover the mouth of the jar with the Saran Wrap or wax paper,
and hold it in place with the rubber band.  (NO metal twisty ties)
Place this in the EAST CORNER of your
home, office, and the room where you spend most of your time
This treatment is to:
     BLOCK BAD ENERGY of all kinds, poor health, bad thoughts, any type of bad or negative energy
THIS TREATMENT WILL REMAIN IN PLACE FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR, so place it in an area will it will not be disturbed or moved around.
 6.   Place Piggy Banks (with Coins inside) and extra coins (6 pieces of copper, brass, or silver money) PLACED AROUND THE OUTSIDE OF THE PIGGY BANK (SET THIS UP SO THE COINS WON'T BE DISTURBED DURING THE YEAR IF POSSIBLE). 
Some people like to add Horseshoes or other symbols of good fortune/good luck.

Place this in the SOUTH/WEST CORNER / Section of your home, office, and/or business,   for students, place this in the SOUTH/WEST section of their bedroom or study area.

This treatment is for: additional PROSPERITY, BONUSES, AND BENEFITS. 

7.   Place (large) BLUE objects (drapes, table clothes, vases, paint the walls, or hang BLUE pictures/paintings) and a pair of
protective ‘Kilun’ (unicorns) or Lions, preferably made of brass, otherwise a ceramic or porcelain pair is fine.

Place this in the CENTER portion of your home, office, business, and any room where you spend a lot of time. 

This treatment is to: Help avoid lawsuits, disagreements, theft, robbery and Jealousy.
8.   Place objects made of gold, or gold color in the NORTH/WEST sector of your: home, office, living area.  Gold or yellow colored stones are also good in this area.  Large pieces of Citrine or orange calcite are also popular.  Some people also add a Piggy Bank to this area as well.

 This treatment is to help bring in Prosperity, wealth and abundance (remember, abundance doesn’t apply just to money, but to having an abundant and full life as well). 
9.     This is the final area of treatment for the Feng Shui year. In this area you want to have LIVE broad leafed green plants of any size.  You want to have at least one at all times. Water the plant regularly, and if the plant becomes weak or diseased, replace it with a LIVE, HEALTHY PLANT. Some people like to place a bucket of water next to the live plants to help carry the bad san sha away, and empty and refill the bucket periodically as needed with fresh water.

This treatment is to: Help bring in Celebrations, Joy, Happiness and help avoid illness or dis-ease.  
That is why the live plants need regular care and attention, and replacement if necessary.

Also, in this area, remove any red objects, or anything with a pointed/triangular/pyramid shape or top to it. This is to reduce the energy of ‘FIRE’ in the area.

Place this in the  WEST portion of your home, office, business, and any area/room where you spend a lot of time.
These are the 9 areas of the Bagua to work with in your home, office or business.
There is no need to go out and purchase a lot of items unless you feel like you need to.
Often, you kind find the things/colors/objects you need in other areas of your home, and just move them to the area that is most auspicious for them this year.

In the areas where you are placing ‘Protective’ icons such as Kilun or Lions, put them in the highest possible place in the room, where, as guardians, they have the highest vantage point or view to help them in their ‘job’ of watching over you, and guarding you, your family, business or property.