Tuesday, December 7, 2010


"Chakra" is a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel", or "wheel of light", pronounced "sha-kra". (Some people say "Shock - Rah")
A simple definition is "any of several points of physical or spiritual energy in the human body".
I will say, once I learned about the energy centers called Chakras, and how our thoughts, emotions and energies can impact our physical health, how our emotional issues can be displayed via blocked or excessive energies from different chakras, it made a lot of sense to me.
Learning about these influences, and learning how to BALANCE the energies of all 7 main chakras became an important daily healing tool for me. Becoming involved in energy healing raised my understanding and consciousness of these energy vortexes both for myself and others... I then
learned that Rieki Masters and other healers also work with the Chakras of the body.
'The chakra system has been known and recognized by many cultures since ancient times as our energetic links to the physical, emotional, etheric and spiritual bodies. It's important for anyone interested in energy healing, manifesting or psychic development to familiarize themselves with the chakra system and to learn meditation techniques to clear, open, balance, protect and regulate their system regularly, but everyone can benefit from it.'
There are hundreds of energy points mapped out in the human body, you begin by exploring the seven major chakras and then the subtle energy bodies and body Meridians, and the flow of chi both through the body and around the body in the 'aura'.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Paxton Manor Haunted House Leesburg, VA

Paxton Manor is an old Manor and estate that was donated to the county to help disabled children and their families. This year they did a 'haunted house' to raise funds to help keep the organization going.

My friends that have a paranormal investigation group & I were invited to do a real Haunted House investigation of the mansion. There were some very spooky places there and all types of things happened while we were there and on subsequent evenings.

Best of all, LARC and Paxton Manor raised over $41,000 to help

support their programs for disabled children and their families.

Enjoy! http://www.myfoxdc.com/dpp/mornings/holly_live/holly-morris-va-scaregrounds-102010

FOX 5 News on our investigation of a Haunted House.

Our 4 - 4 minute segments got reduced to 1 - 4 minute segment.... so we were very rushed...... after arriving at 6:30 AM, we didn't go on the air (it was live) until after 9:40 AM - in the fog, mist and humidity to frizz our hair.... :-/


Washington Post article on the same investigation


Fri, Nov 12, 2010

ABC Nightline story on clinical trial 10 month update after neurosurgery



This is the link to the Nightline story on ABC with Terry Moran about the clinical trial for Gene Therapy (NGF) at Georgetown University. This is the update 10 months after surgery.

When you watch the Nightline story, please click on the 'LIKE' button on the ABC page to show ABC your support and appreciation for them airing this story (they started working with us a year ago on the story). If you want to share this news story with others, PLEASE DO.

2 years ago, we had not a glimmer of hope in dealing with this devastating disease that was when we found the Georgetown Memory Disorders Clinical Trials and began the process of joining a clinical trial. Now we have some hope, and we want others that are dealing with this disease for themselves or a loved one to have some hope also. Hopelessness and helplessness are two very dark emotions/feelings that can rob you of so much whether you want to let them to or not. Even one spark of hope can re ignite our life and our light.

Without the love, prayers and support of so many, we would NOT be in this place today. Altazar (Rich) is the 2nd human being in the world to have this experimental surgical procedure of Gene Therapy inserted in to the brain to see IF and IF ANY, WHAT, impact it may have on Alzheimer's Disease.

We feel and know that it is the energy of Prayers and Support that put us in this place at this time. This clinical trial is our glimmer of hope!

NBC Washington is also airing a news story about this clinical trial towards the end of November that will air on NBC affiliates around the country as one of their Health segments.

Our next post-surgical follow up with a PET scan, MRI, and other testing will be in December for the 1 year follow up.

New research now shows that symptoms may begin appearing as much as 10 to 20 years earlier than they had originally thought. Also, there is now DNA/Gene testing they can do to see if you carry a gene to indicate the likelihood that you may develop Alzheimer's. The earlier you know, the earlier you can start intervention therapy and treatments. Altazar’s symptoms began in his early/mid 40's and he was FINALLY diagnosed at 52.

http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=142457945798463 This is a link to a Facebook group that we have setup to help share information and updates on Alzheimer's research and advances. If you are on Facebook, please join our group page.