Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Standing Rock Reservation Holiday Project

Dear Friends,
I don't know if you are as surprised as I am that the 'holidays' are
already here - but THEY HAVE ARRIVED! And so has our 8th annual
Holiday Project for the children and elders of The Standing Rock
We will be accepting donations of gifts and clothing thru December 14th.
They may be dropped off at the front door of Angel Hill House 24/7
(no need to knock). We have donation boxes on the covered front
porch. Please be sure to leave your name along with your donation.
If you wrap your gift, please label it with age/size/gender.
For the holiday project the only n'used clothing that will be accepted are
coats and jackets. (if you have other n'used clothing you would like
to donate, please get the shipping address from Sherry, and you can
ship your donations directly to the church in ND).
As you know from earlier emails, the cost of shipping has dramatically
increased with the rising cost of fuel, so we are seeking to reduce our
shipping weights as much as possible without skimping on our giving.
With that in mind - many stores are offering the 'black Friday' sales ONLINE -
This is a great way to stretch our dollars by shopping the super sales after
Thanksgiving, and using the FREE SHIPPING to send the gifts DIRECTLY
to North Dakota!!!
Church of Tipi Wakan
Rev. Boots Marsh
7149 B South Big Lake Road
Standing Rock Reservation
Cannonball, ND 58528
(Please reference The Peace Chapel, & Rev. Sherry / Mary Thunder
with your shipments, so they know you are participating as part of this annual
**Special Request: heavy items such as
the much needed hygiene supplies (shampoos etc)
please consider doing this shopping and shipping from
online sources.
Who we are helping:
25 - newborn to age 4
45 - 1st grade, kindergarten, pre-school
25 - 2 - 4 th grade
20 - 5 - 6 th grade
15 - 7 - 9 th grade
15 - 10 - 12 th grade
15 - 17 - 23 year olds (in school or helping at church)
About 2/3 of the children are girls (except in the
17/23 age group which has 9 boys and 6 girls)
40 Elders, Grandparents
(for elders gifts of warm clothing, blankets, robes, dried fruits, nuts,
coffee, teas, lotions, craft supplies are very welcome)
As always - WALMART gift cards are very very welcome.
Pastor Boots will drive (100+ miles roundtrip) to Walmart
and do additional shopping for needed items and food.
I humbly have a special request this year: Please consider
adding a financial donation along with your gifts to help
defray the shipping costs of the gifts and clothing that we
will be shipping from Angel Hill House in Leesburg.
If you have any sources that could possibly help us with the
shipping - PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

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