Thursday, January 24, 2008

We did it! Holiday project a success!

Thank you Earth Angels!!

Dear Friends,
We did it!!!! Another successful holiday project of helping
The children and elders of the Standing Rock Reservation in
Cannonball, ND. Thanks to so many generous donations,
And many helping hands, we shipped over 900 lbs from
Angel Hill House in Leesburg.
900 lbs of holiday gifts, warm clothing and other goodies
and necessities. Additionally, many of you did direct
shipping to the church in Cannonball of blankets, hats,
gloves, clothing, toiletries, craft supplies and toys.
All arrived in good shape! Which is amazing considering
That the 30 boxes shipped from Leesburg were on the train
That derailed in Indiana a few days before Christmas.
While our 30 boxes did not arrive until after Christmas,
Everything arrived in good order, and was much
needed and appreciated. Pastor Boots even took some
needed items to 2 nearby small communities to share since
they did not have anyone supporting them for the holidays.
So our holiday spirits and joy, were spread far and wide.
The boxes being on the train that wrecked was actually a
Blessing in disguise as for the first year every single box
Arrived in ND. (Usually 2 or 3 boxes seem to ‘fall off the truck’
Somewhere along the way).
Thank you so much to each and every one of you that
Blessed us with your love and support of this amazing
Project this year. Every gift, every donation, every
Prayer and every helping hand came together to once
again bring blessings into the lives of so many.
Thank you Earth Angels!!

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