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May Horoscope

May Horoscope
Greater Clarity Leads to New, Exciting Paths

May begins on a serious note as Venus, the planet of love, hooks up with heavy Saturn and Pluto. This is excellent for getting clarity in relationships by getting down to the bottom line about what we want and need and what were willing to give to get it. Happily, we then can enjoy the pleasure of Venus in earthy, sensual Taurus until May 24. The New Moon on May 5 also occurs in Taurus, the sign of the Bull, to bring our attention to material matters and financial concerns. This is an excellent time to begin saving or a conservation project of some kind. Proper management of resources for the benefit of the planet and for our individual well-being is favored with the Sun in this down to earth sign. The practical and sometimes plodding side of Taurus doesn't stand in the way of growth as expansive Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, aligns harmoniously with the New Moon. This provides a positive framework for setting and meeting realistic goals. Mental Mercury, the planet of communication, gets fresh ideas flowing and facilitates contacts with new people when it enters chatty Gemini on May 2. However, the flow of ideas associated with this pair will be slower than usual due to Mercury's change of direction on May 26. This begins its three-week retrograde cycle that complicates travel, details and technology, and scrambles messages. It's important to be extra careful to avoid making costly errors during this period of time.

Mars, the planet of action and methods, fires into expressive Leo on the 9th. We are motivated by pride, a greater need for recognition, and the playful joy of creativity. While this can add fun to life and imagination to our activities, a slight tone of arrogance is possible. Make sure that your enthusiasm doesn't turn an innocent suggestion into an abrasive-sounding command. Brilliant ideas explode around May 12 when the Sun forms positive connections with visionary Jupiter and inventive Uranus. This can be an exceptional time for innovation, and even if you can't change your world as it is, it will widen your view of its meaning and of your future in it. The Full Moon on May 19 carries a heavy emotional charge as the simple Taurus Sun opposes an emotionally complex Scorpio Moon. Strong feelings may emerge that can upset the balance in relationships. There's no benefit to being mean to others, but honesty can be a bitter medicine that heals a personal wound. The Sun's entry into flexible Gemini lightens the atmosphere on May 20 with more delightful breezes to come when sociable Venus joins this playful sign on the 24th. Our minds are opening to see options we hadn't noticed before. Alternative paths to fun and fulfillment, even to money, provide new choices. Still, with Gemini's ruling planet Mercury in reverse gear, it's best to select carefully, rather than allowing impulsiveness to lead us down roads that are heading the wrong way. Don't be too proud to ask for directions to avoid wasting precious time.About the AuthorJeff Jawer is the co-author of Barnes & Nobles' 'Your Astrology Guide 2008.' A professional astrologer since 1973, his articles have appeared in astrology journals, magazines and Web sites around the world. He holds a B.A. in The History and Science of Astrology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and teaches and lectures both in the United States and abroad.

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