Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Republic of Lakotah Hoax

Hi All,
This is just a heads up about a letter circulating the net right
now asking for donations to the 'Republic of Lakotah" due to
the blizzard last week. (October 28, 2008)
The letter is a hoax at best, and worse, it appears to be someone
filling their own pockets. PLEASE DO NOT SEND DONATIONS
If you want to donate and help any of the reservations in the
Dakotas, please contact their tribal councils and local governments
directly to find out what you can do to help out. We send our
donations directly to the church on the Standing Rock reservation,
so we know the donations are going to where they are most needed.
Here is some information about the letter and the alleged writer
of the letter, and below that is a copy of the letter that is circulating.

FROM THE WEB:.................................................................
Umm, just a heads up that the "Republic of Lakota" is NOT the tribal government of the Sioux Nation, but rather a small group of activists who want to establish a separate nation across much of the Upper Midwest.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republic_of_LakotahI'm not saying the reservations don't need help, but donors, especially financial donors, might want to contact the reservations directly rather than send anything to the "Republic." Contact info for the various reservations in South Dakota can be found at:http://www.kstrom.net/isk/maps/dakotas/sd.html

You will be sending you money to a private person, a private group.Last I knew John Strobel the 'writer' was living in NJ NOT in Wyoming
as listed in the 'letter'. Lets leave it at that.

It does this every year out there. On parts of Navajo it also gets that way. Some parts of navajo are 6000+ feet up. People will be stuck for weeks with out a way to drive on a road.Most of them are prepared for this I find a one storm producing the results outlined in the email. These people have been living in these places for generations, they know what to expect in the winter. Like I said I suspect someone, who is using his AI background for his own purpose.


---- Original Message -----
Subj: [earthchanges] EMERGENCY ON LAKOTA RESERVATION: THEY NEED HELP, PEOPLE ARE FREEZING AND STARVING Date: 11/9/2008 9:32:37 PM Eastern Standard Time From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Reply-to: earthchanges@yahoogroups.com To: earthchanges@yahoogroups.com Sent from the Internet (Details) What would or could you do to helpAmericans, who are suffering thiswinter???--- On Sun, 11/9/08, John Stroebel john.stroebel@gmail.com> wrote:From: John Stroebel john.stroebel@gmail.com>Subject: EMERGENCY ON LAKOTA RESERVATION: THEY NEED HELP, PEOPLE ARE FREEZING AND STARVINGTo: Date: Sunday, November 9, 2008, 12:15 PMPLEASE PASS THIS ON TO ANYONE YOU CANThe Lakota Reservation in South Dakota has been struck with a huge, early season snow storm. Elderly people are without propane, there is a great lack of food medicine and warm winter clothing.I spoke with the President of the Reservation this morning, and he made it clear; South Dakota is doing almost nothing, the roads are still not plowed and people are dieing.They need our help in way of wood, propane, warm winter clothing, food and assistance with plows.If you are in the area and have the heart to help these folks, go to the Porcupine School or call 605-867-1111. If you can send money, call and get details on arrangements. If you can send materials, as this is going to be a long winter for the sick the elderly and the children, the address isRepublic of LakotahP.O. XXXXXXXXXXXXX REMOVEDPorucupine, SD XXXXXXXXXXXX
Winters are brutal in this area, and this one is worse than they can deal with. Any and all help will be remembered by the people for their entire lives, and lives is what this is about.Please, with our Holidays coming, help these people NOW while we can still help. People are dieing right now.Feel free to contact me for special arrangements or more information at this address or at;John StroebelPO 166
Wyoming 82055307-745-3493>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Again, do not send donations to these addresses, but contact the tribal councils and
local churches or governments to see how you can help.

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