Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An Astrological Profile of Barack Obama

By Govinda
Edited by Janet Samadhi Rose
The Natal Astrology Chart of Barack Obama, the Man
Barack Obama was born in the sign of Leo, with Aquarius Rising and his Moon in Gemini on August 4, 1961. He is an extremely intelligent, charismatic, level-headed, lion-hearted leader and humanitarian, with strong ideals. He is a flexible pragmatist who considers the needs and opinions of others. His Venus is in the sign of Cancer, which shows his love for family and family values. He has worked tirelessly to help the poor communities in Chicago. He is a visionary with strong ideals, has excellent intelligence, understands human nature, and possesses the organizational skills to create structures with attention to detail and functionality. Obama was born under the influence of a "Star of David". This is a very rare mystical, celestial alignment created by two interlaced triangles of planets - a combination of two "Grand Trines". This configuration, combined with other significant astrological alignments, indicates a highly evolved soul. This alignment represents the ability to harmoniously unify Spiritual energies with physical energies and to create expansion, prosperity, abundance and success with almost anything that he puts his focus on. He has the ability to bring these very positive influences to any project or structure and make it more successful. His Aquarius Rising sign indicates that Obama is a very intellectual, independent thinker, with a strong humanitarian nature. He has the majority of the planets (eight out of eleven) on the right side of his natal chart. This indicates that he is a relationship-oriented person and a team player. His Sun and Mercury are in the sign of Leo and are both in his Sixth House, making this his strongest house (of twelve) and the area of his life that is the most energetic. This indicates a strong service orientation, with a fixed focus on work. Obama has his Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius, which indicates a person who has no class, racial or religious distinctions. He is a pioneer of social concepts for the Age of Aquarius. He insists on social, religious and moral values that are universal, impartial, and democratic in every respect. He has great tolerance, and understands that it is not necessary for all to live by the same life-style or have the same value system. He appreciates diversity and the rights of each person to be unique, as long as they are not harming or restricting the rights and well-being of others. Because his Jupiter is in the 12th House and is well aspected, he probably has an interest in, and understanding of, mystical wisdom (such as astrology, karmic law, and reincarnation). Obama, also, has a "Grand Cross" and a "T-Square". These configurations both indicate karmic patterns that his soul is ready to clear. Before incarnating, his soul made a commitment to live a lifetime of self-mastery. A Grand Cross or T-Square helps a person to develop functionality and focus. The Grand Cross is a very challenging configuration. It involves four areas of the Natal Chart that are in dynamic tension with each other. His includes Chiron Square Moon and Midheaven, Moon Square Pluto, and Pluto Square the Midheaven aspects. This, like his T-Square, shows abandonment issues and very intense emotions that he has had difficulty expressing. His personality is strongly influenced by Chiron in his First House. This indicates a desire and ability to help heal the emotions of others, after he has faced and healed his own emotional wounds. His emotional and spiritual natures are intertwined, and he will find emotional happiness and fulfillment only through a relationship with a spiritual mate. This Grand Cross shows karma with his family and with large numbers of people in his society. He must reconcile his feelings about his family of origin, then feel and express forgiveness. He must be true to his own family and develop an expanded sense of family through his relationship with society and Humanity. He may do the latter through service to Humanity - perhaps through supporting the healing of American families and helping to re-establish the American family ideal. Obama's T-Square consists of his Sun opposing his Ascendant and Squaring Neptune. This indicates an idealistic visionary who has been misunderstood by others. It represents karmic lessons around honesty. He must learn to be honest or he will be confused and unhappy. He was misunderstood by his parents as a child and experienced feelings of inferiority, abandonment and many ego deaths. These experiences have helped him to develop humility and compassion for others. Obama also has another spiritual configuration known as a "Yod", also known as "The Finger of God". This is a somewhat rare configuration (although not nearly as rare as a Star of David), which indicates a soul that incarnated with the intention of devoting this lifetime to Spirit. The Finger of God points to a special mission, in addition to his Soul Mission. This mission involves his Venus in the Fifth House, which has to do with children, family values, love and art. Obama's Venus in Cancer, in the Grand Trine with Neptune and Sextile Pluto, shows great emotional depth, true compassion, strong visionary abilities, intuitive insights into human nature, love of family and a strong desire to nurture and protect. He has already demonstrated these qualities in his work with poor communities in Chicago, during his terms as State Senator and US Senator. Obama has his North Node in the sign of Leo in the 7th House. This shows a nearly insatiable need to feel the love and acceptance of others. He must be careful not to let his desire for acceptance of his peers to affect his leadership decisions, and not to get swept up in other people's dramas. It is important that he follows his heart and not his intellect. He must make decisions from his heart and direct his great intellect to support these decisions. He has a natural ability to be in the limelight and gain the approval of others. Because his North Node is Conjunct to Uranus, his soul's purpose is linked with serving the freedom and individual rights of people, empowering others and supporting the well-being and evolution of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. His soul mission is to help usher in the Aquarian Age in a big way. Barack Obama, the President Elect On January 20th, Barack Obama will be inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States. The inauguration, which represents the beginning of Obama's first term as President, has the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, and North Node in of the sign of Aquarius in the 10th House conjunct to the Midheaven. This very powerful and fortunate conjunction, aka a "Stellium", represents the birthing of a new term with strong humanitarian energies characterized by expansion, prosperity, improved communications, enhanced foreign relations, expressed compassion and renewed idealism. This also brings the possibility of healing energies. By synastry with the chart of his Presidential term, Mr. Obama's natal Jupiter (in the sign of Aquarius) and Saturn (in the sign of Capricorn) are in a very fortunate alignment (Conjunction) with the Sun/Mercury/Jupiter/North Node/Midheaven Stellium of this inauguration entity. This shows Obama's ability to take the public authority role and lead this country towards increasing greatness, prosperity, world respect and honor. There is a harmonious resonance and beneficial alignment between Obama's philosophy, principles, authority and expertise with the essence of his first presidential term. Obama's Astrological Synastry with the United States The United States was born with the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Obama's natal Venus (which is one of the points of his Star of David) is Conjunct with the Sun/Venus/Jupiter Stellium of the United States' natal chart. This shows that his heart and creativity are connected with the basic being, heart and philosophy of the US. His Venus is an integral part of his Grand Trine with Neptune and Chiron. He has the ability to bring healing to the heart of America and to the relationships with other countries. His Venus, in the sign of Cancer, shows his love for family and his keen sense of family values, which will help to guide and heal the family structures in our country. Obama has developed true compassion for others and has good intuition and insights into human nature. He will bring illuminating insights into the financial problems of America and offer creative solutions for its economics. Obama's Neptune in the United States' Fourth House indicates a spiritual link and an intuitive understanding of America's roots and soul pattern. Obama's Mars (in his other Grand Trine – with Jupiter/Saturn and Moon) at 22 degrees Virgo (efficient use of power in service to others) is exactly Conjunct with America's Neptune at 22 degrees Virgo. This shows great potential for empowering America's true ideals and guiding this country to get back on track with its true idealism. His Saturn/Jupiter connects with America's Pluto, exposing hidden agendas and activities of the underworld, secret contraband, and illegal activities of the hidden government. He will provide practical solutions to the economic and other problems with foreign relations. His Moon (in the sign of Gemini) is also in this Grand Trine and is Conjunct with America's Uranus. This shows his ability to bring nurturing and healing to this country's people and support individual freedom. In Conclusion Although Barrack Obama is a highly evolved soul, with natural leadership ability and excellent intuition, he is a human being. In this delineation, I have interpreted his potential as a man and as the President of the United States. It is important that we, as citizens of the United States, accept our responsibility and do our part in co-creating the highest potential for our country. Never underestimate your power as an individual to help create a positive reality for our great nation. This can be accomplished through developing and maintaining a positive, hopeful attitude about America's political leadership and visualize the healing and safety of our people. Let's remember the principles and ideals of our enlightened founding forefathers that were based in the motto on the Great Seal, "epluribus unum, out of many one". Unity is essential if we want to affect real political change and fulfill our founders' vision. Let go of thoughts of differences between people's colors, political affiliations, and religious beliefs and remember that we are theUnited States. When we act in unity, we bless our nation and increase love. And where there is love, there is Divinity. Where there is Divinity, there are miracles. Where there are miracles there is Divine Order. In Love and Light,Govinda

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