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A Peaceful Awakening, a Long Dance for Peace

A Peaceful Awakening. A Long Dance for Peace
MARCH 21 AND 22 2009

TIME: 12 Noon Prepare for Lodge; for the Dance arrive early & set up your tent.

LODGE & DANCE LOCATION: Wellspring Farm located at 30375 Collosse Rd, Carrsville, VA 23315.

For directions call: Norma Andes at 757-562-1737.

This Dance is about Peace, for Peace
and a Peaceful Awakening within your self.
This dance is done during the Vernal Equinox,
the wakening of the planets for Planetary Peace.

“This Dance represents the awakening of a beautiful Pipe that was born in vision at Joseph Rael’s Sun Moon Dance in 1999. Joseph’s Dance brought forth a vision of a birth of a white buffalo and the birth of a new Peace Pipe for the planet to help end planetary discord during the coming and trying times of acceleration of our planet and our evolutionary growth. This Pipe was awakened at Bear Bute during the vernal equinox. With the coming of the comet Hail Bop this Pipe awakening holds the sacredness of Turtle Island’s Teacher White Buffalo Calf-woman and brings into form her teachings for us all. The birth of Miracle (a white buffalo born in Wisconsin) followed this vision. Ancient prophecies foretold of the birth of a white buffalo as the beginning of a new age on this planet.

The Reverend LaKotahasie Frazier was instructed to celebrate this Pipe’s awakening each and every year on the vernal equinox with a Dance for Peace. We must dance harmony back on to our mother earth. Feet dancing and souls praying is a send off of planetary awareness and awakening during the awakening of Earth mother from her big sleep and her curtsy to the sun. The arrival of spring is the regeneration of life.

I hope you all participate in this goodness,” says
the Reverend LaKotahasie Frazier

The long dance is an ancient tribal ritual that is danced throughout the night. What makes this Dance so sacred is that it embraces the lunar plateaus of your mind and bares the landscape of your subconscious mind, which in turn reveals a level of heightened awareness in your daily life, awareness that would dictate change. You will begin to "Own Yourself" and have the power within to change habits, patterns and break past barriers that hold you back from your personal growth. This Long Dance will provide for you a vehicle of change directed by your heart, intent and guided by the greater power above, Creator, "Blessed be He."

The Great Mystery and our Beauty Path call us to remember that from the very beginning of our creation, we have received our soul contract of original instructions and codes for how to live a good and prosperous life.
This Dance will be your remembering!
•Your Spiritual Contract
•Your Divine Covenant with Creator's Divine Force
•Your Original Soul Song and Steps to Dance
•Your Surrender of Will and Divine Intent to Be
•Your Relationship with others and Placement with other Dancers
•Your Ego Surrendering the Limitations of your Body
•Your Path of Personal Power
•Your Unfoldment to all the Possibilities Creator has Granted You
•Your Way of Service to Creator’s Will
Our Dance will create a Sacred Circle to dance into vision a World of Peace with right relationship with the All within the All. You will make a Medicine Shield to be displayed around the circle of your Dance. This mandala represents the Sacred Hoop of all the people and will hold your medicine in your Dance for Peace and will reflect your efforts and intent during this Ceremony and will become a visible prayer.

Each dancer will have their own agenda and be dealing with their own issues. The unity of all the dancers, dancing the sacred spiral, will empower the prayers up and up to the beyond. These prayers then, will be revealed into Creation. AHOH!

This Dance will be danced into the wee-dawn and a new day will begin for all! Through these sacred teachings, an era to remind us how to manifest peace will emerge. A peacekeeper’s mission is to transform the root of personal and planetary discord at their Source. This is to manifest harmonious relationship first with ourselves, then with our family, with others and with our planet. We will become a NEW DAWN STAR, a beacon for all to see.

This roots, with the family of man, dancing Peace into our World and for all people. You will become a Peaceful Warrior, dancing your Light. This is the Sacredness of the Dance and the Circle of Life.

A Peaceful Awakening,
A Long Dance for Peace

This Dance Includes
Prayer Lodge Ceremony (Earth Mother's Church),
Pot Luck Dinner Feast, Peaceful Awakening Dance for Peace, Ceremonial Pot luck Breakfast Feast, Bring your Medicine Shield, Making Your Symbol for Peace & share art supplies.

What to Bring for the Prayer Lodge Ceremony
Men wear bathing trunks or shorts, no shirt. Women traditionally wear a long skirt or long dress with short or long sleeves. The skirt symbolizes the circle, as does the Lodge; so a woman wears a skirt to be in total alignment with the Earth Mother in the Lodge. Suggestions for the day of the Lodge: avoid heavy meals, eat light, drink plenty of water, avoid caffeine (drinks or chocolate) and avoid wearing metal jewelry in the Lodge. Bring a towel, a change of clothes, slip-on shoes and one gallon of distilled water for the Lodge. Please bring a potluck item to share for the Dinner Feast after the Lodge.
What to Bring to the Dance
Tobacco, pink, turquoise and white cloths and string for prayer tie bundles. Juice to share. Tent, sleeping bag, camping supplies for the rest period. Unscented insect repellent. Other than the two community feasts, bring your own food for Saturday & Sunday. Please bring any foods needed for special diets. After Saturday’s Dinner Feast we will utilize the pottery studio for the remainder of the Dance Ceremony. Bring prepared, crock-pot or non-heated potluck foods to share for Sunday morning’s Breakfast Feast.

Clothes for Dance for Ceremony
Men: wear pants and shirt or a sarong. Women: wear a long skirt and blouse or long dress with short or long sleeves. Wear Dancing Regalia if you have it. Suggestion: layers may be helpful.

Medicine Shield
Bring your shield already constructed, and any artwork that symbolizes Peace for our World to be included in your design. The shield of each dancer will be displayed around the Peace Tree. When the Dance is complete, you may add to your shield, creating a powerful visible prayer that represents your Peaceful Awakening. Materials needed for Medicine Shield Mandala:

• One 12" to 16" diameter hoop, either wood or metal
• One pre-cut circle of leather, felt or skin of any color 2" smaller than your hoop
• Eight to 12 leather thongs pre-cut at least 12" long
• Acrylic paints, paintbrushes, feathers, yarn, beads, shells, etc, glue, hand tools and craft materials.

DATE: March 21 and 22, 2009.
TIME: 12 Noon
Prepare for Lodge; for the Dance arrive early & set up your tent.
LODGE & DANCE LOCATION: Wellspring Farm located at 30375 Collosse Rd, Carrsville, VA 23315.
For directions call: Norma Andes at 757-562-1737.

Teachings before the Lodge: $25;

Turtle Island Dreamer: $15.
Teachings for Lodge & Dance: Individual or Family $77 or $94.
PRE-REGISTRATION: Send $50, a non-refundable deposit made payable to Blue Buffalo Springs, LLC; Mail c/o
Norma Andes, 30375 Collosse Road, Carrsville, VA 23315.

FMI Marion Bloomfield at 757-287-1056 or

Decorating The Peace Tree: “Everyone is to make 100 prayer ties a week until the Dance: pink, turquoise, or white. The tree needs to be covered with our prayers. Please make these prayers for World Peace as we awaken into the feminine. Prayers for women to step into their power. That they may stand tall and not be crushed or knocked down for stepping into their power. And this power is the feminine principle, may it gentle us into a new era with Love, Joy, and Harmony paramount. We all must birth this new!" Says the Rev. LaKotahasie Frazier as she invites everyone to bring ladybugs of all kinds to decorate the tree for the Dance. Everyone is invited to make these prayer ties, even if they cannot come to the Dance. Someone else can bring them or they can be mailed in.

Teaching about the Energy of Your Dance Donation.
Dancers choose the donation that is the vibration he or she desires to create in the Dance and bring into one’s life. A donation of “$77” represents the vibration of Creator; the duality that Creator made of everything. The “7+7” balances and becomes “14”. The “1” is the one single heartbeat of humanity. The “1+4” equals mankind that comes to balance which is peace.

A donation of “$94” represents the birth to balance. “9+4” equals “13”. The “13” represents the 13 moons on turtle’s back. The “1” is the one collective, the union. “3” gives birth to the one collective, the union which is the duality when the opposing comes to the one thought, peace.
Suggested Gifts for Wellspring
Firewood, dog or wild bird food, flowering plants, fruit trees, monetary donations.

Suggested Gifts for the Dance Chief
Tobacco, sage, blue cornmeal & sweetgrass, dog food, cat food, canned mackerel, monetary donations.
About the Rev. LaKotahasie Frazier: Elk With No Horns or Buffalo Woman Comes Running is of Abanaki, French and Lakotah descent. The Rev. LaKotahasie Frazieris a Sun-Moon Dancer and Spiritual Dance Leader for Beautiful Painted Arrow, Spiritual Advisor, Medicine Wheel Healer and Spiritual Artist, whose art expresses her own medicine walk. The Rev. LaKotaHasie Frazier does not teach traditional Native American Ceremony; she teaches as a minister from her own life experiences, teaching and sharing her visions with all who come. Her sacred ceremonies and teachings are neither bought, nor sold; they are a gift to be received, for which the student makes an offering. She is a Reverend in the Order of Melchizedek, Sanctuary of the Beloved Blue Buffalo. In March of 2007, the Reverend LaKotahasie Frazier received a Peace Award from the International Prayer for Peace Day Committee in Washington DC. She received the Peace Award for her efforts, her commitment, and her vision for creating world peace. Also, the Rev. LaKotahasie Frazier has three Black Belt Degrees, first degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do and Sampi, and third degree in Kyoshin Kan Shorin Ryu, and title of Shi-Ko-Ni, certified instructor in two styles. Donations and program fees cover administrative expenses and contribute to international work for peace.

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