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Pluto Stationary Retrograde (April 4, 2009)Pluto in Capricorn
Pluto in Capricorn (2008 – 2023/24) will make its first retrograde cycle entirely in the sign of Capricorn from April 4 through September 11, 2009, as it reverses from 3/4 degrees to 0/1 degree. This will be the first of 14 Pluto retrograde cycles within Capricorn, signifying our soul’s need for a complete overhaul of our relationships to money, resources, career, self-responsibility, self-determination, parenting and social maturation. This first retrograde cycle will show us where things are not working out in our life along these Capricorn archetypes, and the opportunities for evolution to the depth of our soul.
The purpose of planetary retrograde cycles is to review the past and let it go where necessary. This creates a void in which new ideas, desires, beliefs and actions can come in – if – we do not fill it up with recycling the old for security reasons. Planetary retrogrades are opportunities to rebel. It takes courage to exercise the will and desire nature to move forward into an unknown future. Enter Pluto at its stationary points – retrograde and direct – and deep unconscious beliefs and desires of the soul come to the surface, getting our attention, forcing their way into our consciousness.
When Pluto makes its annual stationary point to reverse geocentric direction for five months, it is easier to recognize those desires of the soul which are not working anymore. We may have exhausted the desire and yet it feels so comfortable that we keep repeating old patterns. We may feel frustrated by desires we cannot as yet seem to manifest, or control, in our lives. We experience soul dissatisfaction in the gazillion ways human consciousness can create it. The themes will run along inner and outer confrontations that clarify our soul’s deepest desires. Which desires are ready for release, as a result of our having exhausted a separating desire? Which new desires are emerging within us, at once silent as a whisper and screaming in our face?
Pluto retrograde through the zodiacal signs shows us the collective soul desires that are up for review and relative to each culture, society and country. Pluto retrograde on the broadest collective levels serves to evolve human consciousness as a species. We are noticing these collective trends on the most personal levels through the Capricorn themes of monetary policies and fiscal self-responsibilities. We are amidst natural contraction cycles within which we must ask ourselves to re-prioritize, to formulate new value references which effectively square any adopted value systems with our actual resource usage.
Hopefully, we will create the awareness, and courage, to revise our monetary supply and fiscal regulations with social systems that work for all classes of citizens, regardless of income. Most modern human history is based upon private central banking systems – the U.S. Federal Reserve is privately owned – which tend to be based upon profits, usually for the owners. Public central banking systems are based upon broader entities – like nations or states – with profits minimized in order to increase goods and services created, in order to support public infrastructure. Amongst the ostensibly ‘United’ States, North Dakota has the only state-chartered bank (owned and run by its government). It is one of only four states which have a balanced budget in 2009, and a surplus in its coffers.
In the case of the United States, the private ownership enterprise known as the Federal Reserve is comprised of almost 3,000 member banks (national and state) who collectively subscribe to stock equal to 6% of their capital, which is then deposited within the 12 Federal Reserve banks. Effectively, manifestly, the largest 10 banks own approximately 70% of the Fed stock.
This is the industry that has been lobbying for–and succeeding in the de-regulation of, its own banking laws ever since the 1980s. Neptune was in Capricorn from 1984-1998 and Uranus moved through Capricorn from 1988-1995. Pluto in Scorpio (1983/84-1995) and Pluto in Sagittarius (1995-2008) have brought money-making schemes (like derivatives, hedge funds, and credit debt swaps) that have crashed as Pluto enters Capricorn. Re-regulation of monetary/banking systems is necessary. What will we get as Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn?
Banks need to maintain adequate capital reserves while shadow banking techniques and accounting schemes need to become more fully transparent. The lack of adequate regulations has exasperated this economic recession, and it has wildly shook up human consciousness on the most personal of levels: rising unemployment. Our banking systems will be overhauled to the degree which humanity can at once demand equity and accountability and accept and implement social responsibility for the dynamic integration of these principles within its monetary systems as they, too, grow and evolve.
What has emerged with a new U.S. administration up to Pluto’s “change of direction” is no change of direction from the past. If socially-equitable fiscal systems are not implemented then we will repeat the collective cycles (large monetary upsets) until it hurts our pocketbooks hard enough that we pay attention. What the U.S. lacks the courage to do on a national level might come about on a state level through the necessary task of balancing fiscal budgets. The seven waxing squares of Uranus in Aries to Pluto in Capricorn (2012-2015) may bring an uprising of states taking charge of their own banking systems in order to exchange public interest debt for public capital, something which is perfectly legal to do.
Pluto retrograde will reveal these themes to those who are looking. Consensus consciousness will just see one more cycle of victimization, whether from Wall Street or the federal government or both. The archetype of Capricorn is learning how to grow up and socially mature in the world. Most monetary policies are run by consensus souls more invested in short-term selfish interests at the expense of others (exclusive-based social systems) than stable long-term enterprises.
Outer planetary transits through Capricorn always bring about the evolution of social systems, either pro-actively and/or as necessary. We only have to look at the current financial state in the modern world to recognize fiscal changes are absolutely necessary in order to manifest global community. Pluto retrograde is about becoming upset enough, individually and collectively, to create change on broad social levels. Here is the first complete retro cycle in Capricorn to raise the economic themes that need to be addressed over the next 15 years.
The polarity point of Capricorn is Cancer. All of these social upheavals and reforms point to the ability of familial units to survive and flourish. Healthy emotional family units lead to greater social maturation and participation levels and less drain on public systems and coffers. Unhealthy family units lead to more and more social involvement from crime to victimization patterns (immaturity) to lack of participation within society. Healthy inner security (emotional maturation and self-reliance) creates increasing abilities to evolve with social changes.
There is always an evolving interplay between the familial unit and the social unit. How do we abide by social agreements, and yet rebel when social systems have crystallized and no longer serve the greater whole? How do social minorities gain a slice of the reforming collective? Many times the larger the social unit the slower it is to evolve, and therefore it becomes necessary for increasingly intense social upsets. Social systems that support familial bonding and basic needs tend to create healthier societies.
Pluto retrograde in Capricorn will demand that we review our desire nature around money, work and social systems. With the current contracting economic cycles, needs are simplified down to the familial basics like food, clothing and shelter. In the modern world, health care becomes the fourth basic need, and actually functions as a part of food and nutrition. Unhealthy diets contribute to more disease and social decline.
Our current health system in the U.S. is also mostly privately-based, again for profit. The problem is similar to monetary policies – should health care be for-profit based, or a basic societal need? While the U.S. spends almost twice as much on health care per capita compared to the G5 countries (Canada, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom and France), its citizens receive less in health benefits. Health care in America is an economic drain, taking away resources that could be invested elsewhere in societal needs like crumbling infrastructures in urban areas.
The evolution of both fiscal and healthcare policies will be a balance of social function and individual responsibility. Social groups will be a reflection of the collective beliefs and, therefore, systems supported by such beliefs. While the United States prides itself upon being a Christian nation, its actions (social systems) are more reflective of exclusivity-based beliefs. Perhaps it is time for U.S. beliefs to evolve beyond specific religions toward basic human rights not limited to conforming to a specific belief system, or even belief in a god.
Individually, Pluto in Capricorn behooves us to grow up. Pluto retrograde forces it upon us when necessary. Depression sets in unless we are willing to deeply question cherished beliefs and cultural understandings. Somehow, at the same time we desire more equitable social systems, it is requisite that we take the next self-responsibility step. Government and social systems cannot save us; they are not totally responsible for our unique situation. We are responsible–and acceptance of self-determine-ation allows us to function in social situations and careers, as we at once strive for ever more freedom and autonomy.
It is our personal responsibility (Cancer) to learn management of our resources like money, to determine the difference between a “need” and a “want.” It is our self-responsibility to take care of the temple of our soul – the physical body – through diet, exercise and rest. As those needs are met, we move on to the more subtle emotional reasons behind any health imbalance, and the mental and spiritual reasons behind the emotions.
Within natural law, any government functions on a manifestly social level are based upon compositionally-collective beliefs, Sagittarius followed by Capricorn. Distorted beliefs create distorted social groups and wounded souls. The upheavals belief systems have experienced through Pluto in Sagittarius will now be addressed through Pluto in Capricorn. Do we need religion to feed the children and care for the sick? Might natural spiritual laws and principles show us that the group survives better when it supports its individuals? It increases the chances of then-able-to-mature individuals to support ever better social systems in return.
Pluto retrograde in Capricorn brings on the reality checks. It takes us through re-prioritizing what are the most important needs in order to survive. It reminds us our outer world is only as good as our inner world. It draws us inward to find emotional sustenance and peace. It asks our souls to let go of desires no longer serving us. It brings the opportunities to manifest new desires emerging within our soul. It forces us to mature individually and collectively. The choices are yours–and ours. Go for it.
April 4 – Pluto stationary retrograde at 3/4 degrees Capricorn.
June 23 – Sun oppose Pluto retrograde at 2 degrees Cancer-Capricorn.
September 11 – Pluto stationary direct at 0/1 degree Capricorn.
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