Friday, April 24, 2009


For "John" who left his body by hanging himself last week, may he be cradled with love and returned to peace of heart. Peace and comfort for the family and friends he left behind.

Prayers of peace and strength for JONNIE WATERS PHILLIPS, who lost 2 sons (age 36 and 38) in two weeks. Clint (age 36) was working and fell 115 feet off of a tower, 2 weeks later his brother Sam (age 38) died of a heart attack in his sleep, leaving behind a wife and 4 children. Prayers for all of the family members left behind and for the two souls that made their transitions so suddenly.

Prayers of healing and recovery from surgery for Charlotte in Florida, and Bob in W. VA.
Prayers for Liz dealing with many family challenges including her teenage sons that are having a challenging time.

For Karen's peace and joy as she has returned to spirit, and comfort for her family and 2 sons left behind.

Prayers for Ashley and his family, as doctors search for answers to his heart problems. He is age 23 with a wife and 2 young children.

Prayers for Hank after his transition that he may find rest, peace and repose that he couldn't find in life. Prayers for his wife and daughter left behind for their peace, strength and knowing that they are loved by many.

Prayers for MJ as she continues to fight breast cancer miraculously, and amaze her doctors.

Prayers of strength and healing for Debbie's Dad in Florida as he recovers from heart conditions.

Prayers of grace and serenity for Jana as she goes some difficult life transitions during this time.

Prayers for our four legged family members that have left the physical world to return to Spirit: MikaEl & Chelsea (Ray & MJ)

Prayers for healing and glowing health for Aidan, a young boy (age 6) facing many medical tests seeking answers to his medical issues, and prayers for strength and peace for his Mom as they go through this long process together. Prayers of enlightenment for his doctors and nurses that they may quickly see what his needs are and begin the healing process.

Prayers for Bill as he enters hospice.

And prayers for all those that are in some need, God knows who they are and what their needs are, may they all be blessed and touched by God's Presence and Love, and may they be uplifted, and filled with the Joy of Spirit.


Blessings, Sherry
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"It is not sufficient for religious people to be involved with prayer. Rather, they are morally obliged to contribute all they can to solving the world’s problems."-His Holiness the Dalai Lama

"History does not entrust the care of freedom to the weak or timid." - Dwight D. Eisenhower

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