Monday, July 12, 2010

MID YEAR UPDATE Gulf oil and Methane Concerns

MID YEAR UPDATE Gulf oil and Methane Concerns
They (spirit guides) said there would be several oil leaks and spills and the increased drilling of oil which are causing the Tectonic plates to shift. This will increase volcano and earthquake activity globally, specifically areas touched by the Pacific plates.
Methane gas bubbles arise from the Atlantic and Gulf sea floors 365 days a year and have been proven to cause some of the unexplained disappearances of vessels and airplanes in the Bermuda Triangle area due to the large concentration of Methane gas that bubbles up and causes disruptions.
Serious contamination caused by oil drilling will cause Plate shifting and salt water/oily salt water intrusion into the drinking wells and underground water tables in Florida, all gulf coastal areas and possibly the Atlantic side of Florida as well. Personal wells and drinking water will be contaminated for decades to come.
THE BIGGEST DANGER THEY HAVE SHOWN ME SO FAR (besides the above mentioned issues) is chemical poisoning/cancers/diseases from all of the oil in the water, sand, beaches and food chain.
There was no discussion of Florida being wiped out and I have not been getting any dire feelings or warnings about Florida (being destroyed).
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