Monday, December 6, 2010

Paxton Manor Haunted House Leesburg, VA

Paxton Manor is an old Manor and estate that was donated to the county to help disabled children and their families. This year they did a 'haunted house' to raise funds to help keep the organization going.

My friends that have a paranormal investigation group & I were invited to do a real Haunted House investigation of the mansion. There were some very spooky places there and all types of things happened while we were there and on subsequent evenings.

Best of all, LARC and Paxton Manor raised over $41,000 to help

support their programs for disabled children and their families.


FOX 5 News on our investigation of a Haunted House.

Our 4 - 4 minute segments got reduced to 1 - 4 minute segment.... so we were very rushed...... after arriving at 6:30 AM, we didn't go on the air (it was live) until after 9:40 AM - in the fog, mist and humidity to frizz our hair.... :-/

Washington Post article on the same investigation

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