Sunday, March 16, 2008

Church of Tipi Wakan - help needed

Dear Friends,
This is an appeal for help for the dear souls at The Church of The Tipi Wakan in Cannon Ball North Dakota for help restoring a much needed basic necessity.
Please read the below email from our friend in Maryland, Gaby Perazzo. Rev. Jackie Partin at The Church of The Tipi Wakan in Cannon Ball, ND
has asked for prayers to help work on a grant to restore their septic system.

Invitation to Make a Difference
Request for Help from Cannonball, North Dakota
Dear Relatives - Many of you know that Thunder and Blue Star always help a group from Cannonball, ND. What many don't know (including me, just learned this tonight), is that Jackie and Boots Partin are not supported by any church group and that they are in 24/7 service using just their retirement funds. They are active "ministers" helping literally hundreds of people meet very basic needs and have been doing this for years. Today Jackie sent out an email asking for prayers... she was reluctant to ask for more because so many are experiencing hard times nowadays, but they also need money. Please read her email below - these are pretty dire circumstances and in the bitter winter of ND. Any help you can give would make such an enormous difference in the lives of so many. This is the real deal folks... I can vouch for that. Thanking you in advance for helping to make running water a reality and fast! Hugs, Gaby.

Dear Ones,
It is below zero and we are have a plumbing problem. The propane truck ran over our septic drain field and crushed it. We are unable to use the toilets in the church...a real problem on Sunday when 50 kids are here and are doing our best to conserve on water usage all together. Yesterday I had to wash (behind for two weeks) so we had to run a hose out our back door to drain the washer. Like I said it is below zero here and made the house just a little cold.

This is where the prayers are needed. We have made an application for a grant to fix the system but we have not heard from them. Please pray that they will accept and approve our grant application. We need about $6,500 to fix the septic system correctly. It was jerry-rigged initially. This summer we are expecting 50 or more children four days a week for activities and food. We need this system quickly. Please pray. I know together with as Charles Chipps says "one mind" we can create this answer to this need.

Thanks in advance,

If, in addition to prayers, you would like to send
any other help, notes of support, etc., their mailing address at the church is:
Rev. Boots Marsh & Rev. Jackie Partin Church of the Tipi WakanStanding Rock Reservation5149 B South Big Lake RoadCannon Ball, ND 58528
Please let them know that you are part of The Peace Chapel.

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