Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sun-Moon Dance to the Living Tree in Charles Town West Virginia

Dear Sun-Moon Dance Family,

I hope that everyone has had a good year and received many blessings as a result of your effort in last years dance. Winter is ending and it’s time to set the intention…to start the movement of energy that leads us into a new cycle.

The Sun-Moon Dance to the Living Tree in Charles Town West Virginia will be held on the first weekend of August…from Friday August 1st to Monday August 4th.

Coming out of last years dance and moving forward…spirit speaks to the need for a return to the origin of this dance. A “back to basics” approach…that honors the vision, songs and example given us by Joseph Rael.

What I learned from Beautiful Painted Arrow was that the unfolding of our authentic self is determined by our willingness to break the forms of a self-important ego…and that self importance is the master of disguise. We dance to shed the masks we hide behind and return to authenticity. All we can do is show up and dance.

My hope and prayer is that many of you will come to the Sun-Moon Dance to the Living Tree in West Virginia. Please share this information with others that you think might be interested.

Love & Blessing,
Fletch Jenkins
Dance Chief

Blessings,Sherry (\o/) /_\
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