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I share this message from the Whale Nation, relayed by IhantowanDakota Star Altar-Keeper Chief Golden Eagle. Recall that the Whalesare a highly-intelligent species with origin from the stars.
MOON OF THE WHALESHOGAN IYOTAN TANKA OYATEHeals Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual Imbalances
We are the Whale People here with you this evening. Weare Earth Keepers fulfilling our duties as asked by Creator. We arehere to share some of those responsibilities that you share with us.
For all imbalances are result of failure to fulfillSacred Responsibility. It is Universal Law that Movement and Balancemust be One. Evolution is a delicate walk. On our great journeys through the Ocean Realms we travelto many sacred power places. We allow our Song, our Thoughts, our Feelings to harmonize with these Chakra energies of Mother Earth.This gift and practice is within our DNA; as it is within human DNA.

In order to move forward in Cosmic Harmony, you must balance all of your activities. This means that you must follow your spirit every moment. The very Wisdom of Spirit is anchored withinyour biology. Thus, follow your intuitions, express all of those things you consider “silly”. Sing with Mother Earth, and dance whenyou feel it. Restore the Power Places upon the land; and then you won’t feel so ridiculous when you dance a sacred dance in a mall, ina city, or sing a song in church that seems to be of differentpersuasion.

We Whale Peoples change our world very little; we seethe Beauty and the Sacredness that is already there. We seek toresonate and then to live with the Holy that is already. If you human beings will slow down your urges to create materially, you will remember the Sacred Ways.

Indeed, in order to balance yourselves, you must move less in the physical and more in Realms of Heart, Mind and Spirit. As the Grandfathers teach; look ahead to the Seven Generations beforey ou make a change in anything.

Wisdom is thinking about these things before you act.Thinking first and feeling fully will prevent many of the imbalances which you experience. Besides the things which you must undo, and those things which you will think better than do, foremost, look within. How can you understand your World if you do not understand yourself?

This Sacred Law of Movement and Balance can heal you. Yet, understand that it’s course is like a tight wire. One that is plenty easy to travel if traveled patiently.One that is dangerous to those who seek to speed along

There is a practice known among Original Peoples that is key to balance. It is observation. It is attunement with nature.To understand the world around you, you must feel every facet:From the Little Crawling One to the Great Flying One, from the inner movements of things to the Wind that blows, the human mind is capable of all of these perceptions.The Human heart is able to understand the way that things flow. You must use your talents and perception before you act so foolishly. Know the Truth before you act. The Heart is where this storehouse of perception and understanding lies. To open these gifts, go and sit with your Relations in the forest, in the mountains or by the sea. We will teach you how to move in balance. When you learn to move in balance, all difficulties which you experience within your body, heart and mind will be wiped away. The Universe does not wish to punish Human Being. The Universe teaches in the most graceful way. Your restrictions are your lessons. So learn how to walk in balance again.

We suggest the Gift of Song be employed, celebrated withthis Sacred Law. When you seek to clear imbalances, human song enables this. Song vibrates the physical. It opens the Heart. It clears the Mind. It calls the Spirit. So when you call upon the Whale People, call to us through your Song. For we are in tune with all Song upon this planet. Our Mind and our Heart are there when anyone sings a Sacred Song. The Whale People have guarded the secrets for Human Being. For we are older brothers and sisters to you. Our song will awaken your memories and will bring healing to you. If you can remember the whale song, then try to sing with us. If you desire a healing from Our Nation, then sing your songs for four days. And we will be able to come to you and give you Wisdom through the Ways of Water. We will heal your Hearts. We will awaken your Mind to the memory of the Cosmic Ocean. Human Beings have seven major roles as Earth Guardians. All of these tasks are important for this Walk in Balance.
The first gift is the Gift of Song. Know that your words are song, too. If you have nothing good to say, then honor the Sacred Silence. Within Silence is a music which human beings must remember. Get still and listen to Our song which echoes around Mother Earth.

The second gift is the Gift of Sight and Vision. This is your connection to the Sacred Light of Spirit. Through their thoughts, human beings feed the life around them. The Stones, and the Plants, and the Animals, therefore, need nourishing light. Human Beings must think nourishing thoughts!

The third gift is the Gift of Action, Love is action. Touch your world with joy and with gentleness. Your touch is ahealing balm to all of the Relations.

The fourth gift is the Gift of Choice. Use your will,your energy to bring life, to create in balance with Our Mother’s Heart. Will not that which is your own. Use your power to help your Mother. Mother Earth is the Creator, the Goddess, of thissphere. Use your power to honor Her.

The fifth gift is the Gift of Creation. It is the Wellspring of your knowledge. It is that Creative River called imagination and the power to bring forth life.

The sixth gift is the Gift of Sacrifice, the gift of giving away to one another. And, in death, you will be reborn to New Life. Lay down your will that Universe may prosper. Find your Will as the Universe unfolds.

The seventh gift is the Gift of Your Connection to Creator, the Gift of Holy thought, being and feeling. It is the gift of Starry Nature. Nourish your connection to your Soul Star. Lifewill then be truly abundant.

The Whale People wish for human beings to ponder onthese seven gifts and to look within to learn how to honor lifethrough them. Learn to walk with these seven gifts. Honoring alllife is the way to balance; not just for yourselves, but for everyone.

So stand, Human Being, as we the Whale People continueto teach you every moment through our Song and through our Thought.Stand as Guardians of Mother Earth. Stand up and take up your SacredResponsibilities. Honor the Wisdom within you and reclaim theHoliness that you are."Mitakuye OyasinStanding Elk/Golden EagleChief/ChiefBlack Spotted Horse

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