Tuesday, October 14, 2008

16th Anniversary of The Prayer Vigil for the Earth!

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Celebrate the 16th Anniversary of The Prayer Vigil for the Earth!
...Where people of diverse faiths, cultures, backgrounds and ages come together to practice peace with self, peace with others, and peace with the Earth with One Mind, One Voice, One Heart and One Prayer.

The host tradition is Native American, joined by spiritual leaders and representatives from major faiths, spiritual beliefs and anyone who wants to be part of this magical, exhilarating and peaceful experience.

Each year, a sacred fire burns continuously in the center of a circle of tipis, African and Christian alters, a Jewish sukkah, a Tibetan stupa and other religious traditions' symbols. There is a labyrinth, a Prayer Grove, a children's activity area and other offerings.

Prayers and ceremonies are continuous for 33 hours concluding midday Sunday, October 19.

Experience nature's rhythms expressed in music, ritual and prayer by cultures east and west, far and wide. Hear African drumming along with the Japanese Taiko drummers.

Listen to the Prayer Vigil Song
Based on Elders' Messages to Us

Join us in prayer, meditation, chanting, dancing freely!

100% volunteer event
and open to all!

The 16th Annual Prayer
Vigil for the Earth
Oct 18 - Oct 19, 2008
Washington, DC

Join us for the Prayer Vigil for the Earth, held every autumn
on the mall near the Washington Monument.

Nestled near Native American Tipis
in the glow of a sacred fire, you are greeted
by the drums and rhythms of many nations...

The purifying sent of burning sage welcomes all
to this peaceful and prayerful space
to join in fellowship with new and old friends

At dawn on Sat. Oct 18, we will light the sacred fire
that will burn throughout the Vigil.

Come anytime during this amazing weekend!

Families are welcome and there are activities
and blessings for children.

To learn more about the 2008 Prayer Vigil for the Earth,
please click here.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!

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