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Astrology and the coming elections

From my friend Francis Sporer:
Astrology and the coming elections:
From my friend Francis Sporer:In the "for what it's worth" department... MY 2¢ worth...This past Sunday I was in a very interesting astrology seminar wherein this noted professional did an analysis of WHAT THE UNIVERSE IS SENDING by way of planetary and constellation energies for the next millennium. And what lies IMMEDIATELY BEFORE US in this regard. For those of us who believe that the universe is spirit and energy and that it shows us the direction we are to take by combining energies that create a consciousness we MUST deal with, for weal or woe, this should have been "required reading." One of her methods is to go back to the last cycle that is as close as possible to present and future planetary configurations. Repeatedly, in doing this, she proved that she knows what she's talking about. THE AQUARIAN REVOLUTIONThe last time we saw Pluto in Capricorn, 250 years ago (July 1762-July 1776) we had the growing New World independence ending up as the American Revolution. There is now a strong bubbling up from the unconscious of a desire for radical change.She clearly said that our capitalistic system is eroding and transforming; we are entering the time when that change will incorporate the notion that we must be our brothers' and sisters' keepers, and vice-versa; when a form of socialism WILL and IS emerging NOW. Since that word is such a silly bugaboo for Republicans who somehow don't know that "To him to whom much is given, much is expected", them's fighting words... BUT it is a GIVEN that it MUST happen for the good of all. Energy, even in the form of money, is too unevenly distributed and the Universe won't stand for it anymore. Think about living for each other, trying to help each other with no thought of reward. THAT'S PURE SOCIALISM! Jesus-type.But, more than that, the Universe is telling us that the time of lording it over others to our own little advantage is going through it's death throes NOW. We will see MORE AND MORE of problems UNTIL we get the message: CHANGE!!! Change RIGHTLY, or else.... So we have a choice. Voluntarily change for the better, or pay the piper for not doing so. Want to suffer MORE or LESS? Move into a better phase sooner, or draw it out longer and suffer more? That's our only choice."Crusades" and war will be discredited and shown that it cannot accomplish what people think. For one thing "enemies" simply reincarnate! Change of heart and methods for helping that occur will be more common.Since 1990 kids born are "color proof", in the main. They don't see or react to racial differences unless indoctrinated intentionally by parents, their social or religious group. Perhaps the MAIN planetary "actors" are Saturn and Uranus in opposition to each other, which has been gradually coming to the fore and the big economic crash we are (and will continue to) experiencing is part of the "clash of the titans" that these powerful planets are bringing. They will come into full and direct opposition several times in the next couple of years, but the FIRST time will be ELECTION DAY, Nov. 4, 2008. This will portend a huge shift/change -- different sorts, depending on who is elected... Rather it might portend HOW the change will be carried out, again, as to what kind of trauma we will experience: TRANSFORMATIVE or DESTRUCTIVE.Jupiter, the planet of BIG HAPPENINGS and Pluto in Capricorn, breaks up authority or the established order of things, are the other major players.Saturn (which governs institutions and is the cosmic "taskmaster) in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces in OPPOSITION are bringing about the same energies we saw in the '60s... Virgo governs SERVICE SYSTEMS, like hospitals, health workers, education. What's wrong in these sectors have been and will continue to be brought to light. A national healthcare plan is likely.In 2009 Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Pisces, and Neptune in Aquarius will bring to light corruption in our Supreme Court, who has not been above taking bribes and ideologically manipulating decisions to match THEIR ideas. Ideas about "proper" relationships, laws governing divorce, marriage are already starting to shift and will liberalize, partly thru new decisions made by courts, as well as in public opinion.In addition to this overview of "where we are going", she also analyzed the charts of Obama, McCain and Palin (she didn't have time for Biden). I was stunned, absolutely STUNNED, at what's there! BTW, she also promised that she was just reading energies, not taking a political stance per se. Truth is truth and that's her modus operandi.She referred to OBAMA's chart as a sort of "solar avatar" configuration, a representative of Oneness consciousness. A sort of "handing over the keys" to a "new kingdom" is represented in his chart for his chart shows leadership into a complete separation from existing systems. For the better. His is a classic chart for one that could be referred to, as the Egyptians did, as a "sun god". It shows wisdom and love, a magnetic/charismatic personality, bringer of light, awareness, consciousness of a new, higher sort. This is a sort of "lord of the dance" configuration, whereby he can lead us in the dance of change in an inspired and inspiring way. Next year his chart predicts a sort of "solar initiation", an awakening from within that will guide him steadfastly and make him his own man, resisting those who want to do things the wrong way. There is a strong element of self-sacrifice, that could take many forms... Sacrifice = "wise elimination" of that which is not of the highest good for all... it means a change of perception whereby the old view must give way, even painfully, to a new one. He has a desire to shine, to lead, sharing himself, even at great personal cost to himself: again, self-sacrifice.MCCAIN's chart clearly shows the waffling he's done throughout his campaign: Libra ascendant. Doesn't know which public image he wants to show, so he keeps changing. He's "unsteady". WHO IS THE REAL JOHN McCAIN, as has been asked over and over during the campaign season.His chart is full of restrictions, which shows even from his captivity (a kind of restriction) and in his subsequent body movements. It affects his attitude, as does the constant pain he's in. He is dogged, never-say-die, even when he should! Too stubborn and small-minded. He becomes erratic when he's in overload, and has to deal with too much. He's NOT well and the campaign is breaking him down steadily. He is prone to "keeping up appearances" even to his choice of wives and running mate. He has addiction DNA; his father (I think it was) was alcoholic, and he may be dependent on pain medication, at the very least. Will PUSH himself just to prove himself (to his lineage, his father and grandfather). He's going to fight and "overcome" no matter the cost to himself, others, the nation. His patriotism is about ego rather than real heart and love for the country. His unpredictability is not good for the leadership role he aspires to.PALIN's chart, in brief, shows combustible energy: she makes wrong decisions, as many times as not, to be liked, to please. She is all facade and very masked. What the public sees is not really her... She is terribly unprepared to be vice-president, let alone president, which, if elected she WILL become because of McCain's age and health. She would be a public figurehead only if this happens.She went on to talk about how America, as a beacon of spiritual light and leadership, has faded and nations no longer look to us for hope, inspiration, or as a nation to even look up to. We have betrayed so many countries and peoples, can't keep our contracts and commitments like we should, in so many instances. Like lying and treaty-breaking with our native peoples, with Mexico in past centuries, like CIA subterfuge behind the scenes so that even American citizens don't know the harm we've done to Spirit and people in a self-serving way, etc. So we need to clean up our act. That change is coming too. In summation: IT"S TIME for CHANGE, not just "America First" change... Nearly everything this lady said rang true to me and resonated from a deep place within, and matched my Ideals and conscious understanding and knowledge about what's happening everywhere now.“Audio Panton, Cogito Singularis"Listen to everything, think for yourself.

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