Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Help 20 million animals

humanesociety@hsus.org writes:
Watch Oprah tomorrow, read The New York Times editorial...and help 20 million animals.

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Dear S,

Tomorrow, on the "Oprah" show, I’ll be making the case to millions of people across the country in support of a campaign that, if successful, will end the cruel confinement of 20 million farm animals.

It's called Proposition 2, a measure on the ballot in California that The New York Times endorsed last week. Prop 2 will end the practice of cramming farm animals into cages and crates so small the animals can’t even turn around, lie down, or extend their limbs. If passed, it will be the biggest victory for farm animals in U.S. history.

Prop 2 is truly a national campaign: While only Californians get to vote on it, its passage will lead to reforms in farming practices nationwide.

But standing in the way is Big Agribusiness, which has poured millions of dollars into a deceptive campaign to defeat Prop 2 and preserve factory farms' cruel confinement practices. The next 21 days before the election will be pivotal -- and we can't win without you. Here’s the latest news, and a few ways you can help:

On tomorrow’s show (Tuesday, October 14), I’ll be going head-to-head with the front men of the agribusiness industry in defense of the 20 million farm animals in California who don’t have room to turn around or stretch their limbs. Click here to find out when the show will air where you live.

Here’s a snippet: "The fact that such fundamental decencies have to be forced upon factory farming says a lot about its horrors. We urge California voters to pass Proposition 2. We urge every state to enact similar laws." Click here to read the full editorial on my blog.

Here are two ways you can help pass this historic measure right now:

1. Support the YES! on Prop 2 campaign by visiting the campaign website and learning about the many ways you can help.

2. If you haven't already, watch our animated video and pass it along to friends and family in California.

YES! on Prop 2 is a true grassroots campaign, funded by thousands of small donations from animal lovers like you. By contrast, the deceptive No on Prop 2 campaign is bankrolled by a handful of rich agribusiness corporations from across the nation -- with an average donation of more than $40,000.

The factory farm industry is blinded by the bottom line. No matter how much they dump into defeating this measure, they can't stamp out the truth: Prop 2's commonsense reforms are long overdue.

Thank you for being a part of this campaign. On November 4, millions of animals will be thanking you, too.


Wayne Pacelle
President & CEO
The Humane Society of the United States

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