Tuesday, October 14, 2008


September 22, 2008
The energy of the 2008 elections has fluctuated so much
over the past several months, and honestly for 2 years it has
been seen that Hillary Clinton was to be elected as the next president of the United Sates (POTUS). Of course, the democratic
nomination did not go to her, and instead went to Barack Obama.

Today, September 22, 2008, I "saw" a newspaper
headline with a picture of Barack Obama on
the cover, announcing he had won the 2008
presidential election. I believe at this time, that is the
headline that we will be seeing in November - Barack Obama
wins the presidential election.

After Hilary did NOT get the nomination, I meditated on WHY
Barack was moved to the forefront. The message that I got, was
that with his mixed heritage, and his 'Muslim sounding' name, it
would actually help the image of the United States with the populaces
of the middle eastern nations. How? Many of the general populations
in these countries have been raised to believe that people in the west,
The US and Britain especially, hate the Muslim nations. By the election
of a man with a name and background that they may find somewhat
relatable - they may begin to realize that the west does NOT HATE
THE MUSLIM WORLD. A good step towards peace.
I am not talking about the leaders of these countries, but rather the
populace that has been led for decades to believe that all Muslims
around the world are hated by the western (non-Muslim) nations.

I always believe God has a greater plan - unless man substantially interferes
as happened in the 2000 and 2004 elections. Water under the bridge, we
have to deal with the hand we were dealt (by election fraud).
It was seen for years that Al Gore was to be elected president of the United States, in the 2000 election, and that he would also win again the 2004 election (as sitting president), and by popular election - HE DID WIN in 2000!
We would not be in the military position we are in now if he had been elected, and I feel that 9-11 would NOT have happened if he had become (rightfully) President of the United States.
He has however, like Jimmy Carter, used his life to continue to help not
only the US, but the world by taking on the issue of the global environment.
Truly a great soul. In the long run, like former President Jimmy Carter,
he will probably have a far greater and reaching impact on the good of the
world by not being bound by the office of President of the United States.
A great example of turning lemons into not only lemonade - but lemon
meringue pie! (one of my favorite sayings from spirit)

For the 2008 elections, may we visualize fairness, honesty, end of corruption,
end of vote manipulation, and a return to higher ethics and standards, and
that the next president of the United States SURROUNDS himself (or herself)
with the highest possible group of advisors, counselors and cabinet members for
the good of the US, and the rest of the global community.

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